How to Increase Mic Volume on Windows

By Jessie Waite

The mic volume has always been the topic of discussion when someone is attending any official meeting through their laptop. Many of the people out there are not familiar with how to increase the volume of their mic on the laptop. So, here we are going to see step by step guide on how to increase the mic volume on windows 7.

Steps To Increase Mic Volume on Windows

  • Click > Start > Click Control Panel > Click Hardware and Sound > Click Manage Audio Devices

A dialog box will appear in that,

  • Click > Recording

The Microphone Icon with a green tick on it will appear in the dialog box.

  • Select the Microphone tab with the green tick

The properties tab will get activated.

  • Click > Properties

One more dialog box will appear after clicking on properties.

  • Select > Levels

You will see two microphone volume control sliding bars. These are to control the microphone volume and the quality of sound from the microphone.

The first Microphone Slide bar is only to control the volume level. Whereas, the Microphone Boost slide bar is to control the sound quality of the microphone.

So, if you are looking to improve the sound quality you can adjust the Microphone Boost at your convenience. If you don’t see the Microphone Boost slide bar on your PC then the sound card in your PC does not support this sound amplification feature.

  1. Select the scroll button and increase the microphone level as per your choice.
  2. Select the scroll button for a microphone boost to improve the microphone sound quality.
  3. Once you set the expected volume for microphone click on OK and then Apply.

Once you have done this setting, you are all set to have a clear and increased microphone volume now.

Final Word

Now the most important point here is, the PC has already on the ideal level of microphone volume but to achieve your expected ideal level of microphone volume you have to do multiple try and error before finalizing the optimum level of microphone volume.

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