5 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar

By Jessie Waite

Nowadays, everyone has access to everything. So, why not use it for a good reason? With the help of YouTube sessions, you can easily master the skill of guitar playing in the comfort of your home. However, finding the best source among thousands of channels is undoubtedly a tough job. Hence, I’m here with the 5 best YouTube channels to help you learn guitar.  

So, are you ready to explore the magic of YouTube channels? 

Top 5 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar

Here are the best YouTube channels that can lead your guitar learning to the next level. 

1. JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar is a renowned name in the world of online guitar lessons. Created by Justin Sandercoe, this channel provides an incredible variety of tutorials suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Justin’s friendly, down-to-earth teaching style makes learning the guitar easier and more comfortable. Here are some key features of his classes:

  • Structured Learning: Justin’s lessons are well-organized, taking you from the absolute basics to more advanced techniques.
  • Song Tutorials: A vast library of song tutorials ranging from classics to modern hits.
  • Skills Breakdown: In-depth explanations of essential guitar skills like chords, scales, and strumming patterns.

2. Marty Music

Marty Schwartz’s Marty Music is another fantastic resource for aspiring guitarists. With clear and concise video lessons, Marty covers a wide range of musical genres. So, you can expect something for everyone. Here are some key features of his classes:

  • Genre Diversity: Lessons covering rock, blues, pop, and more.
  • Song Breakdowns: Detailed tutorials on how to play your favourite songs.
  • Quick Tips: Marty’s channel has quick tips and tricks to improve your playing.

3. GuitarLessons.com

If you’re looking for a channel that offers structured courses and tutorials, GuitarLessons.com is your perfect place. The founder here, Nate Savage, provides a comprehensive learning experience, from foundational basics to advanced techniques. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guitar Courses: Structured courses for beginners and intermediates.
  • Music Theory: Nate covers the essential aspects of music theory that every guitarist should know.
  • Technique Drills: Lessons dedicated to enhancing your guitar-playing technique.

4. YourGuitarSage

With an extensive library of guitar lessons and a touch of Southern charm, YourGuitarSage or Eric Haugen is a favourite of beginners. Eric’s easygoing teaching style and valuable insights on music theory are invaluable for those just starting their guitar journey. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Beginner-Friendly Content: Lessons tailored for newcomers to the guitar.
  • Music Theory Insights: Eric breaks down music theory in a simple and understandable way.
  • Lively and Engaging Delivery: Eric’s enthusiasm is infectious, making learning enjoyable.

5. The Art of Guitar

The Art of Guitar by Tyler Larson is an excellent channel for those who want to dive deep into the art of playing the guitar. Tyler offers lessons on advanced techniques, music theory, and a detailed breakdown of iconic guitar solos. If you aim to become a guitar virtuoso, this channel is a goldmine of knowledge. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Advanced Techniques: Lessons on complex guitar techniques and theory.
  • Detailed Solo Breakdowns: In-depth analysis of famous guitar solos from iconic songs.
  • Music Theory Demystified: Tyler makes complex theory concepts understandable.


Now that you’ve discovered these fantastic YouTube channels, what are you waiting for? These YouTube channels offer great knowledge that’s useful for both beginners and advanced players. So, if you truly want to learn guitar, don’t waste any time; just get into the madness.       


I want to learn a specific genre. Are these channels genre-specific?

Yes, these channels cover a wide range of genres. Marty Music, for example, offers lessons for rock, blues, and pop, while The Art of Guitar delves into advanced techniques for various genres.

Do I need to pay for lessons on these channels?

No, all of the mentioned channels offer free lessons. However, they might also have premium content or courses you can purchase if you want to learn deeply.

Can I interact with the instructors or ask questions on these channels?

Most of these channels allow comments on their videos so that you can ask questions there. Additionally, JustinGuitar has an active community forum for learners to connect and seek advice.

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