Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Ukulele

By Jessie Waite

Learning to play your favourite musical instrument is surely a rewarding experience. In addition, if you can learn it as smoothly as the convenience of your home, isn’t it fantastic? So, here I am with the top 5 YouTube channels for learning ukulele that can help you learn ukulele like magic.  

So, let’s start this adventure of ukulele channels without waiting anymore. 

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Ukulele 

Here are the best channels that I’ve picked personality for you to become an ukulele expert. 

1. The Ukulele Teacher

The Ukulele Teacher is a fantastic channel for those who want to learn popular songs on the ukulele. John Atkins, the creator of this channel, breaks down songs into easy-to-follow tutorials with chords and strumming patterns. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Song Tutorials: A vast collection of tutorials for popular songs.
  • Clear and Engaging Instruction: John’s teaching style is friendly and approachable.
  • Play-Along Videos: Play along with John to practice and improve your timing.

2. The Ukulele Underground

The Ukulele Underground is one of the most established ukulele tutorial channels on YouTube. Their instructors offer a wide range of lessons, from beginner to advanced levels. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Structured Learning: Lessons are organised into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories.
  • Original Songs: Learn to play original songs created by the Ukulele Underground team.
  • Live Sessions: Tune in to live jam sessions and Q&A sessions for a more interactive learning experience.

3. One Music School

One Music School, hosted by the talented Lisa, is a versatile channel that covers various instruments, including the ukulele. Lisa’s warm and engaging teaching style makes learning the ukulele a breeze. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diverse Content: Lisa offers tutorials for songs in different genres and difficulty levels.
  • Thorough Explanations: Lisa breaks down chord progressions and strumming patterns with clarity.
  • Ukulele Challenges: Engage in fun challenges and projects to keep your practice interesting.

4. Bernadette Teaches Music

Bernadette Teaches Music is a channel focusing on ukulele tutorials for beginners. She is an experienced music teacher, and her videos are highly educational and easy to follow. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Beginner-Centric Lessons: Bernadette’s content for those just starting their ukulele journey.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: She walks you through the basics of playing the ukulele and gradually introduces more advanced techniques.
  • Original Content: Bernadette creates her original songs, providing unique practice opportunities.

5. U Can Uke

U Can Uke is a channel dedicated to helping beginners learn the ukulele and enjoy the process. John Atkins, the same creator as The Ukulele Teacher, provides a separate platform specifically for beginners. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Beginner’s Paradise: John offers beginner-friendly tutorials, ensuring that new players have a smooth learning experience.
  • Quick Tips: Find bite-sized tips and tricks to improve your playing quickly.
  • Song Selection: Play along with tutorials for popular beginner songs.


Learning the ukulele is a fantastic journey, and with the help of these YouTube channels, you can make significant progress. So, explore their lessons and practice regularly to become an expert ukulele player in no time.  


Do I need to have a musical background to start learning the ukulele through these channels?

No, these channels offer tutorials suitable for beginners with no prior musical experience. They’ll walk you through the basics.

Is it necessary to buy an expensive ukulele to get started?

Not at all. You can start with an affordable ukulele and upgrade as you progress. What’s important is to get comfortable with playing and learning.

Are these channels completely free, or are there paid courses involved?

The channels mentioned offer a wide range of free tutorials. Some may have premium content or paid courses, but there’s plenty of free material to get you started.

4: How long will it take to become proficient at playing the ukulele through these channels?

The learning process varies from person to person. With regular practice, you can start playing songs within a few weeks. Mastery may take several months or more, depending on your dedication and practice routine.

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